Jessica Rabbit Costumes

Halloween, the season of costume parties, normally comes with great expectations. Many people look forward to these parties so they can dress up as someone else and behave like that person for a whole night! While most people choose to go with wild characters, still, there are many reserved people out there who would prefer to adopt subtle-wild characters. To such a lot, Jessica Rabbit almost always is the best or only choice. And indeed if this reserved person defines you then be easy because Amazon has a great collection of Top Jessica Rabbit Costumes. Have a look at the suggestion here below for instance and decide whether you can pull off Jessica’s gutsy look over Halloween.

    1) Women’s Toon Starlet Sexy Costume Dress Set by King Party

    Women’s Toon Starlet Sexy Costume Dress Set by King Party

This 100% polyester dress with sequin detail is the perfect Jessica Rabbit outfit. It has an elegant ornamental detail on the front, and a long, daring side slit. This dress will highlight your curves with its figure-hugging stretch material. The pack includes a pair of soft purple gloves to get your closer to completing the perfect Ma’am Jessica Rabbit’s awesome look. Are you tempted to buy this dress? Go ahead!

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    2) Women’s Miss Jessica Costume by Daisy Corsets

    Women’s Miss Jessica Costume by Daisy Corsets

Daisy Corsets’ Jessica Rabbit costume is for the brave woman. It has a fully sequined corset and skirt. The corset, made of steel bones, will hold your bust up, so that it bounces like Jessica’s. Maintenance of this dress is easy as it is 100% polyester and can be hand washed. This beautiful dress comes with a pair of gloves, which is great as it saves you the last minute hassle of searching for a pair.

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    3) Women’s Mrs. Rabbit Costume by Forplay

    Women’s Mrs. Rabbit Costume by Forplay

If you are looking for something exciting; one that highlights your great features then this is the costume to buy. It is hot, crimson red and figure-hugging so it clings on your curves in all the right places. It is very comfortable for a fitting dress, as it is 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. This eye-catching dress comes with an essential accessory, purple gloves. Purchase this dress, and you will be the belle of the ball!

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    4) Sexy Heart Shape Jessica Rabbit Gown by Nom de Plume

    Sexy Heart Shape Jessica Rabbit Gown by Nom de Plume

If you don’t mind dresses with a snug fit then you will love this dress. The stretchy fabric with red metallic shimmer will turn heads as you walk into the party. Nom de Plume has included a pair of opera-length purple gloves to complete this Jessica Rabbit costume. This dress will definitely attract a host of admirers!

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    5) Women’s Sexy Red Lame Jessica Rabbit Gown by Nom de Plume

    Women’s Sexy Red Lame Jessica Rabbit Gown

This dress from Nom de Plume is another of Amazon’s Top Jessica Rabbit Costumes. The red lame material gives off a shine and shimmer similar to the sequin dresses that Jessica Rabbit wore. If you’re searching for an outfit that will get you lots of attention, this is it. The stretchy material will gain you several appreciative glances from the men at the party.

It is attractive as it is appropriate. If you want Roger Rabbit to turn wherever he is then here is a piece to help you pull off that magic.

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    6) Jessica Rabbit Red Sequin High Slit Costume

    Jessica Rabbit Red Sequin High Slit Costume

If you are into high slits, this is the dress for you. This red sequin dress from Beautifly combines a strapless top, figure-hugging design and high slit in a tasteful and elegant way. You do not need to stress about getting an irritation from the sequin material as the dress has knit lining. This is the ideal dress for the woman who wants to look sexy and elegant at the same time.

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    7) California Costumes Women’s Silver Screen Costume

    California Costumes Women’s Silver Screen Costume

This Jessica Rabbit costume from California Costumes in metallic red is ideal for you. Its polyester material makes it comfortable and easy to maintain. This classy dress has something most of the other strapless dresses don’t have – straps! These small straps hold the top half of the dress up so that it doesn’t keep sagging. What a relief – you don’t have to keep rushing to the bathroom to pull your dress up!

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    8) Jessica Rabbit Bombshell Costume by MutterMui

    Jessica Rabbit Bombshell Costume by MutterMui

This gown from MutterMui is another Top Jessica Rabbit Costume. The material of the gown has sequins from top to bottom, just like Jessica Rabbit’s classic dress. It is available in all adult sizes. This dress, combined with the right accessories, will transform you into Jessica Rabbit!

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The costume is perfect for someone who really wants to make an impression.

    9) Sexy Red Shimmer Jessica Rabbit Gown by Nom de Plume

    Sexy Red Shimmer Jessica Rabbit Gown by Nom de Plume

This is another winning gown from Nom de Plume. As the name suggests, this dress has a sexy red shimmer to it. The stretchy sequin fabric fits all body sizes perfectly. If you are a fan of high slits and showing some leg, this is the dress for you. It however takes guts to don it and step outdoors so you may want to avoid it if you are fainthearted. Daredevils on the other hand, will find it awesome. In all just choose your audience wisely!

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    10) Women’s Sexy Sequin Costume Dress

    Women’s Sexy Sequin Costume Dress

This Jessica Rabbit Dress from Underwraps is ideal for the more conservative woman. The 100% polyester dress has beautiful red sequins on both sides. The tank top that it comes with makes it less revealing than other Jessica Rabbit costumes. If you do not think you can handle a strapless costume, this dress is perfect for you.

Now that we have looked at the Top Jessica Rabbit Costumes, why not you take your pick? Get the right accessories, and you’ll be all set to transform yourself into Jessica Rabbit!

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Jessica Rabbit Costume Selection Tips

Now that you know who Jessica Rabbit is, what do you need to pull off her look?

  1. A red sequin dress. The dress should fit snugly on your curves, be strapless and have a high slit. A dress made of shiny stretch material would also work well. Make sure the dress has a sweetheart neckline.
  2. Red or black heels are ideal for pulling off the perfect Mrs. Rabbit’s look.
  3. A long red wig, preferably with a side parting adds just the right dash of naughty.
  4. Long purple gloves are not only essential, you must have them if you plan on making a convincing show.


To get an ideal Jessica Rabbit Costume, be prepared to spend between $30 and $70 for a stretchy costume without sequins. A dress with sequins could cost up to $100. If the costume has a corset, expect to pay over $200.


Most costumes will fit all adult sizes, as they are made of a material that stretches. It would however be wise to check Amazon product descriptions and reviews for the outfit you want to purchase and see what the manufacturer as well as other customers are saying about the costume sizes.

Now let us look at different Types of Jessica Rabbit Costumes.

Jessica Rabbit Costumes come in three variations.

– Costume only, which are the most common

– Costume and gloves

– Costume, gloves and wig

Jessica Rabbit Costume Accessories

The Jessica Rabbit look would be incomplete without the right accessories. Below is a list of the Jessica Rabbit Costume Accessories available on Amazon.

  1. Cigarette Holder

Rubies Costume Company has this 12-inch cigarette holder. This holder has a white mouthpiece and a silver tip. Note that it is plastic, so you cannot use a real cigarette in it. Simply roll up a piece of white paper and stick it into your cigarette holder.

  1. Gloves

Amazon is awash with long gloves that will bring out the great Jessica look. These are soft, smooth and comfortable to wear. The best part is, they stretch all the way past the elbow, giving you a real starlet look.

  1. Makeup

To get the Jessica Rabbit look just right, you need to make your lips and eyes smoky and seductive. You can combine Halloween eyeshadow kits that come in several colors, with eyeliner kits to give you sultry yet scary look. Do not fret if you have no idea how to apply these; YouTube has great videos that take care of this headache.

  1. Wigs

The wig you choose must be the right color and have the classic Jessica Rabbit curls. The are many of these on Amazon that are perfect, come with a free comb and wig cap!

Jessica Rabbit Costume Ideas

Jessica Rabbit Costume Ideas

If you do not have time to look for the individual items for your costume, you can opt to buy several items from one provider. TENGS has come up with a set of Jessica Rabbit items. For just under $30, you can get a cigarette holder, red wig, and purple gloves.

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Jessica Rabbit Costume DIY

Just in case you do not have enough money to buy an entire costume, here are ideas for some reasonably priced products that you can jumble to create a great costume.

  1. A Red Dress from ZZER (
  2. Purple Gloves from TOOGOO® (
  3. A 33-inch Red Wig from AGPteK (
  4. A Cigarette Holder from Forum Novelties (

Jessica Rabbit Costume in the News

Recently, 35-year-old model Alessandra Ambrosio pulled off the classic Jessica Rabbit at the Casamigos Halloween party. The dress, a work of art, had sequins all over. Alessandra combined this dress with purple satin gloves, red heels, and a long red wig.

British actress Sam Faiers also shared a picture of herself in a figure-hugging strapless red dress. Though she did not have the purple gloves and the Jessica Rabbit makeup, her fans still showed appreciation for her Jessica Rabbit look.

Pulling off the Jessica Rabbit look is easier than it sounds. Get dressed, put your makeup on, slip into your heels and enjoy the party!

Who is Jessica Rabbit?

Jessica Rabbit stars in the 1998 hybrid movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” as Roger Rabbit’s wife. In this movie, Jessica is an alluring human toon drawn with all the curves in the right places. Her outward appearance suggests that she is a person of loose morals. Jessica, however, has a fierce loyalty to her husband and would do anything for him.