Roger Rabbit Costumes

For months, you have been trying to get her attention. Finally, you do, and she asks you to accompany her to a Halloween costume party at the office. Your new girlfriend plans to dress up as Jessica Rabbit. It looks like you will need a Roger Rabbit costume. Just where do you find one? Below are Amazon’s Top Roger Rabbit Costumes.

    1) Cartoon Rabbit Costume by Fun Costumes

    Cartoon Rabbit Costume by Fun Costumes

    The first glance everyone has of you while you are donning this costume will confirm their fears that Roger Rabbit is alive among them after all. The headpiece with white and pink bunny ears and the white feet will make you look just like a bunny. Add, the white shirt and the red overalls, will make you look the part. Your girlfriend will be proud to walk into the party with you. Who knows, you may even earn many points towards your great-boyfriend-scorecard as a result!

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      2) Cartoon Animal Cosplay Costume by Dongya Costume

      Cartoon Animal Cosplay Costume by Dongya Costume

      Amazon has this cute Roger Rabbit costume made by Dongya. The red trousers, white shirt, red suspenders with yellow buttons and polka dot bow tie will make you look like a perfect gentleman. The headpiece with cute bunny ears will turn you into Roger Rabbit. Don’t forget to put on the bunny feet and the furry paws. Your girl will enjoy the feel of your warm paws on her face! Just do not overdo the touches; you really do not want to scratch your girl now.

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        3) Lifeshopping Mall Cartoon Animal Costume

        Lifeshopping Mall Cartoon Animal Costume

        This Roger Rabbit costume is another of Amazon’s Top Roger Rabbit outfit. It comes in adult sizes for heights ranging from 160 to 185 centimeters. This costume is pure cotton, making it comfortable regardless of the weather. Don this costume and you can be sure your girl will be falling all over you.

        If you have a young man you want to accompany you then this great costume below will be an ideal outfit to match your cartoon animal look.

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          4) Child Roger Rabbit Costume by FunFill

          Child Roger Rabbit Costume by FunFill

          This outfit will make the little man look just like Roger Rabbit did when he was young. It comes with a headband, big, fluffy ears, a huge polka-dot bowtie, yellow gloves and Roger’s trademark red overalls. The young man will be thrilled with this costume. Watch out for the reactions as all you walk into the party together!

          If you girlfriend still has any doubts then seeing how adorable you and the little man in almost matching outfits will blow her mind.

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            5) Child Framed Costume

            Child Framed Costume

            This costume, made by Wilton is perfect for the young man. The red trousers, white shirt, and blue polka-dot bow tie will look great on him. The yellow gloves and the bunny headpiece will complete the look. Get this costume for your girlfriend’s little man, and she will know you are worth keeping. If she starts calling you Roger Rabbit Senior and her son Roger Rabbit Junior, just know you have finally hit the jackpot!

            Now everybody has what he or she need for the party. You know where and how to get Top Roger Rabbit Costumes. Make sure you place your order way before Halloween, in case you find everything you want is out of stock. Your girlfriend will not be too happy, and neither will her little boy.

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            Who is Roger Rabbit?

            Roger Rabbit plays the victim in the 1988 movie. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” In this film, he is the prime suspect in the murder of Marvin Acme, the owner of Toontown. His estranged wife, Jessica Rabbit, helps to prove his innocence. Roger is one of the most adored cartoon characters.

            Roger Rabbit Selection Tips

            Getting the right costume can be tricky. Here are some Roger Rabbit Costume Selection Tips.

            1. Get the right colors for the costume. Roger wears red trousers with red suspenders, a white shirt, a blue and white polka-dot bowtie and furry white paws. While some dash of purple will do, do ensure you do not veer off from color defined here above.
            2. The material of the costume should be comfortable. You do not want to be uncomfortable when you are wearing the costume, especially if you are trying to impress your girlfriend.
            3. How durable is the costume? Can you wear it again after a few years?
            4. Check out the seller’s reliability. A quick look at reviews and ratings on Amazon will guide you.
            5. Make sure the costume is complete, with the right accessories.

            Types of Roger Rabbit Costumes

            Costumes vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, some retailers stock rabbit masks as part of their Roger Rabbit Costumes, and others only have rabbit ears. In all, there are full costumes that include every piece of costume Roger needs to have a complete look as well as pieces that combine to form a whole.

            Roger Rabbit Costume Accessories

            1. – Bunny Ears – These would complete the perfect rabbit look. Most have pink or purple lining so it is easy to match them to Jessica’s great gloves. Most bunny ears are made from polyester and easily attach firmly onto a snap-on headband. Great bunny ears fit all head sizes.
            2. Bunny Tail

            Like the ears, the bunny tails are essential for completing a Roger Rabbit look. They range from 3 to 5 inch wide tail-like accessories that come with a safety pin, so all you need to do is pin in onto your costume. Be careful when you sit down, though.

            1. Polka Dots Pre-Tied Bowtie

            Specialist Amazon retailers sell these bowties in several colors and sizes. For a price of below $10, you get this 100% polyester bow tie. It is pre-tied with an adjustable strap, which extends about 18 inches. This size makes them suitable for both adults and children. These bowtie make your outfit stand out from all the rest.

            1. Costume Adult Bunny Shoes

            Bunny shoes give the finishing touch to your Roger Rabbit Costume. These padded shoes come in white and look like real rabbit feet. Don’t let the white color put you off. When they get dirty, simply wash them by hand!

            Roger Rabbit Costume DIY list.

            What do you do if you can’t afford an expensive Roger Rabbit costume? Amazon can still sort you out.

            1. Get red trousers from Madhero ( and red suspenders from Only Faith. (
            2. Wear one of your white office shirts.
            3. Grab a pair of bunny ears from, yes, Bunny Ears! (
            4. Get this cute bunny tail from Seasons Trading. (
            5. You must get this bowtie from TopTie (
            6. Make rabbit feet using oversize white socks, padding and an old pair of shoes.
            7. Color the tip of your nose red to look like a bunny’s nose using makeup.
            8. Buy Hemlock white gloves (

            That’s about it! Put together your Roger Rabbit Costume and head out to party!